North Coast Lix
North Coast Lix is a half hour local show, Saturday nights from 8-9pm, featuring bands from across the North Coast playing original material. Some of the bands that you will hear from in the near future are:***Note Beginning July 3rd, North Coast Lix moves to 8pm on Sunday Nights, followed by a 3 Hour Edition of Fresh Baked Classics!***

From Within
Thirteen www.thirteen-music.com
King’s Ransom www.myspace.com/kingsransom1
Hate www.wehateu2.com
Backbone www.backbonerocks.com
My Dear Enemy www.myspace.com/mydearenemyband
Subject To Blackout www.myspace.com/subjecttoblackout
Second Sunday www.secondsunday.net
Relic www.relicnation.com
Shadows Force www.shadowsforce.com
Deja Voodoo Band www.dejavoodooband.com
Unleashed www.myspace.com/theunleashedrocks
Songs & Notebooks www.myspace.com/songsandnotebooksmusic
Asphalt Juke www.myspace.com/asphaltjuke
P.R.S. www.myspace.com/putridrhinostampede
Uptight Sugar www.myspace.com/uptightsugar
Ted Riser www.tedriser.com
The Rick Ray Band www.rickray.net
The Earthquakers www.earthquakers.com
Paper St. www.paperstlive.com
Saturday Nite Mojo www.myspace.com/saturdaynitemojo
The Sixth Degree www.myspace.com/thesixthdegree
The Suede Brothers www.myspace.com/thesuedebrothers
Randy Trask N’The Buds www.myspace.com/randytraskthebuds
All Dead www.myspace.com/alldead440
Sage www.myspace.com/ascentofsage
Tilt 360 www.myspace.com/officialtilt360
Smith & Craig email: thepentameter@hotmail.com
Scarred 4 Life www.myspace.com/scarred4life
Sky Chief www.myspace.com/merockyousohard
The Dizzy Nurses www.myspace.com/thedizzynurses
Burnt River Band www.burntriverband.com
InSoFar www.myspace.com/insofar08
Rosie www.myspace.com/rosieband
Dirty Looks www.myspace.com/dirtylooksmusic
Midnight Buford www.myspace.com/midnightbuford
Gutterboy www.myspace.com/gutterboyrocks
Lords Of The Highway www.myspace.com/lordsofthehighway
Joe’s Garage www.myspace.com/joe39sgarage
The Jack Fords www.jackfords.com
Torn Days www.myspace.com/torndays
Project TV www.myspace.com/projecttvlive
X Band www.xbandrocks.com
Slaves www.myspace.com/slavesmetal
Dash_Board_Jesus www.myspace.com/dash_board_jesus
Rare Blend www.rareblend.net
Paul Fayrewether www.paulfayrewether.com
Hair Razor www.myspace.com/hairrazor80
Centurion www.myspace.com/centurionbrutal
Jackie www.myspace.com/worldjackie
Nathan Veshecco www.nathanveshecco.com
X-7 www.x7project.com
SYZYGY www.syzygymusic.com
Jackie www.worldjackie.com
The Pink Flamingos www.myspace.com/thepinkflamingosrock
Haz-Mat www.myspace.com/hazmattrashtabula
Neil Zaza www.neilzaza.com
E.S.D. www.myspace.com/esdofficialmyspace
Cowboy Donnie www.donniecameron.com
The Acoustic Revolution www.myspace.com/jeffglovitchacoustic
Plus, we’ll throw in some Classic North Coast Bands like:Michael Stanley Band www.michaelstanley.com

Friction www.frictionrocks.com
Left End www.myspace.com/leftendrocks
Love Affair www.richspina.com
Wild Horses www.myspace.com/wildhorsesband
Breathless www.jonahkoslen.com
Artful Dodger www.artfuldodgersite.com
Glass Harp www.glassharp.net
The Godz www.thegodz.net
Beau Coup
Molkie Cole www.molkiecole.net
Mosquito Bitten Bastards

North Coast Lix is brought to you by:

North Coast Voice Magazine http://www.northcoastvoice.com/
Angler Recording Studios www.myspace.com/anglerrecordings
Organized Chaos Productionswww.myspace.com/organizedchaosproductionsoh